Insurance Policies

  • Motor Insurance

    Motor Insurance

    SIC’s motor insurance policy provides you with covers for legitimate liabilities that may arise in the use of your vehicle. SIC’s motor insurance covers includes Third Party Only Cover, Comprehensive Cover and Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover.

  • Fire & Allied Perils

    Fire & Allied Perils

    Fire insurance gives the insured the requisite financial protection against assets acquired during his/her lifetime so that in the event of any misfortune the insured would be put in the same financial position he/she enjoyed just before the loss.

    There are two (2) main potential buyers of fire insurance
    • the individual and
    • the entity (organization).
    The Individuals need Fire Insurance as protection against his/her property including buildings, household goods and personal effects. The Organization including Commercial and Industrial entity could insure its buildings, plant, machinery and equipment, stock of raw materials, finished goods and profits.
  • Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    SIC’s travel insurance policy offers protection for travelers when they leave the shores of Ghana.  The policy provides coverage for a host of unforeseen events that may occur in the course of the trip.  Here are some of the covers and benefits it provides:

    a) Emergency medical expenses

    b) Delayed departure

    c) Loss of passport and checked-in luggage among others

    We offer half price for children under 18 years, group discounts and family policies. 

    Travel Protect Plans

    We have a wide geographical scope of coverage which includes countries in the Schengen area as well as USA, Australia, Japan, and many more.

    SIC’s travel insurance plans are:

  • General Accident

    General Accident

    SIC's General Accident Insurances generally covers unforeseen, accidental and sudden loss of or damage to property and injury/death to persons.

    SIC has Four classes of General Accident Policies:

    • Insurance of the person
    • Property insurance
    • Pecuniary insurance
    • Liability insurance
  • Workmen's Compensation

    Workmen's Compensation

    SIC's Workmen's Compensation Insurance Indemnifies an employer against his legal liability for injuries to his employees resulting from accidents occurring in the course of their employment.

    The Workmen's Compensation Act 1987 makes it compulsory for any Employers of labour to set aside funds to compensate any worker who may sustain injury at the work place whether or not the Employer is to blame.

    The definition of a worker under the act has been expanded to include any person who receives salary or wages except an outworker, a tributary, and a family member of the employer living with the latter or where the Law prohibits as a worker.

    Covers such as the following are offered under our Workmen's Compensation Insurance;

    • Fidelity Guarantee
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Products Liability
    • General Liability

    Besides compensation for bodily injury, there is provision for payment of Medical Expenses as a result of the injury. An employer may also choose to insure his liability under the Act and in addition can extend his liability to cover claims under Common Law.

    Fidelity Guarantee Policy Indemnifies an employer against direct financial loss resulting from acts of dishonesty of the employees.

  • Marine Insurance

    Marine Insurance

    SIC’s marine portfolio consists of hull and cargo.

    The cargo business covers insurance of goods carried on board ships or vessels and aircrafts. The hull business covers the insurance of ships, fishing vessels etc as well as the liability coverage of ports and harbour operators, stevedorers, shorehandlers, ship repairers and third party liability coverage of vessel owners or operators.

  • Aviation Insurance

    Aviation Insurance

    SIC’s aviation insurance products cover risks associated with the manufacture, ownership, operation, and maintenance of aircrafts and the operations of aviation facilities on the ground.

  • General Bonds

    General Bonds

    SIC's bonds are sureties given to employers of contractors, financiers and other principals to guarantee the performance of specific contractual obligations of the contractors or project executors.

    SIC has two main bond classification;

    • Construction/Project Bond
    • Customs Bond

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